Artist's Statement

As an artist I work mainly in oils on canvas or linen and make numerous works on paper with acrylics, gouaches and mixed media.

From early on in my career I have explored the idea of what I call "psychological landscapes". These were landscapes created either completely from imagination or based on actual landscapes. My aim was to explore this idea using the painter's tools of colour, perspective and composition in order to give a visual stimulus for a "psychological experience" upon the viewer. Challenging expectations is part of this game to force the viewer to never quite feel comfortable with the image, yet finding it visually interesting and seductive at the same time.

Whilst the human figure was frequently present in my work to serve as a human gauge, in the past decade it has become more prominent. My explorations have taken me from the landscape (which I still continue to work on) to our artificially constructed environments, our interior spaces. My paintings/drawings are of snap-shots, vignettes of daily lives. These spaces are the theatre in which we enact out of our routines. We get lost in these routines, which are socially isolated acts, and lose sense of who we really are internally. My figures are clumsy and awkward. They are vulnerable and unsure. They are oblivious to the viewer, whoever that viewer might be.